Graduation Certificate AMKRAUT Beile

Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Lvov

Organization: Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov

Address: Lvov, Pekarska street 9

Type of record: document handwritten on a standard two - fold printed form, "Graduation Certificate" certifying completion of the professional education at the Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov with the list of subjects completed and school marks received

Name and surname of Graduate: Beile AMKRAUT

Date and place of birth: 03.02.1920 in Wielopolie (Krakow province)

Religion: Judaic

Date of enrollment: 01.09.1934

Previous education: secondary school graduated in Lvov in (year not indicated)

Date of graduation: 14.06.1937, Lvov

Specialization: dress - making

Date and place of issuance: 14.06.1937, Lvov


School Master: Dr. Cecilia KLAFTEN

Members of School Pedagogical Board: L. BUCHSTAB, A. SCHWARZ, Helena GOLDFISCHER, Antonin KESSLER, Dr. ROTTENSTREICH and Dr. Henrietta FLECK - SILBER

Seal: Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov