Graduation Certificate FUEHRER

Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Lvov

Organization: Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov

Address: Lvov, Pekarska street 9

Type of record: document handwritten on a standard one-fold printed form, "Graduation Certificate" certifying completion of the three-year course of professional education at the Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov with the list of subjects completed and school marks received

School year: 1932 - 1933

Name and surname of Graduate: (given name not indicated) FUEHRER

Date and place of birth: not indicated

Religion: Judaic

Educational background: secondary school graduated in 1929 in (location not indicated)

Date of enrollment: 01.09.1929

Date of graduation: 06.06.1933

Specialization: decorative needle-work

Date and place of issuance: 06.06.1933, Lvov


Chairman of Examination Commission: signature missing

Members of Examination Commission: E.WILLNER, Dr. ROTTENSTREICH Dr. Henrietta FLECK – SILBER and Dr. Karol KLEIN

Seal: Vocational School for Jewish Girls in Lvov