Polish Aliyah Passports

The Polish Aliyah Passport Collection contain digital copies of about 400 Polish temporary foreign passports issued by the Polish state to Jews immigrating in 20s - 30s of the last century to Palestine and the USA. They contain photos (including photos of accompanying children), names, surnames, dates and places of birth, residence, occupation, civil status and signatures of their bearers.

Immigrating Jews traveled to Palestine or the USA by sea. In order to get to their ports of departure they were to apply for transit visas to cross the bordering countries. Therefore passports contain various official seals, visas and boarder crossing stamps. One may trace the entire route taken by immigrants.

According to the Polish legislation emigrating Jews, upon receiving identity documents in their new homeland, lost their Polish citizenship and were to turn in their Polish foreign passports to Polish Consulates. Invalidated passports were sent back to Poland, where they were filed away in government archives.