Lvov Telephone Directory 1938 - 1939

The Lvov Telephone Directory, published in 1939, is a valuable source of names, patronymics, addresses, occupations, and other relevant data relating to the pre-Holocaust Jewish population of the city of Lvov– the capital of Eastern Galicia

"ACKER A. and WITTLIN I." law firm Lvov, Halicka street 1
"ACKER and NEUMAN" warehouse timber Lvov, Zamarstynowska street 56
"ADLER K. and SÜSSMAN" warehouse construction materials Lvov, Zamarstynowska street 40
"ALTENBERG E. and BRAUN Z." company Lvov, Batory street 36
"BLOCK and BRUN" trade company Lvov, Pilsudskiego street 11
"BLUMENFELD Br. and BLUMENFELD Tad." law firm Lvov, Bielowskiego street 3
"BRANDSTAEDTER and Co." warehouse confectionery Lvov, Goluchowskich square 5
"BRAUNSTEIN and FRAENKEL" law firm Lvov, Czerniowecki railway station
"BRAUTBAR Brothers" warehouse hardware Lvov, Sloneczna street 7
"ECKSTEIN Brothers" company Lvov, Sygniowka
"Haszomer Hacair” Jewish boy – scout society Lvov, Slowackiego street 6
"Hechaluc – Pioneer" Jewish youth society Lvov, Kopernika street 3
"SILBERMAN and URAM" trade company Lvov, Strzelecka street 4
"SINGER and LEHER" warehouse textiles Lvov, Legionow street 35
"WINNITZ and RATZ" warehouse paper articles Lvov, Kaz. Wielkiego street 4
"WOHLMAN and KOHL" fur shop Lvov, Jagiellonska street 5 – 7
"WOLF and ALTIN" transportation company Lvov, Zolkiewska street 121
"WOLF and ALTIN" transportation company Lvov, Goluchowskich square 4
ABRAHAM B. doctor of medicine Lvov, Kochanowskiego street 11
ABRAHAM J. Lvov, Skrzynskiego street 14
ABRAHAM J. Lvov, Skrzynskiego street 14
ABRAHAM W. university professor Lvov, Dlugosza street 16 (home)
ABRAHAMOWICZ M. paints, household articles and perfumes Lvov, Grodecka street 99
ACHDUS I. Lvov, Legionow street 19
ACKER I. Lvov, Legionow street 29
ACKER I. physician Lvov, Zolkiewska street 37
ACKERMAN A. Lvov, Lewandowka
ACKERMAN E. lawyer Lvov, Podlewskiego street 7 (home)
ACKERMANN M. Lvov, Reja street 8
ADBERGSBERG M. mill owner Lvov, Zboiska street
ADEL K. watch maker Lvov, Akademicka street 23
ADER E. Lvov, Zamarstynowska street 42
ADLER D. Lvov, Ochronek street 10
ADLER E. Lvov, Jablonowskich street 36
ADLER H. Lvov, Academicka street 3
ADLER J. doctor of medicine Lvov, 3rd May street 5
ADLER J. forwarding agency Lvov, Podzamcze railway station (office)
ADLER J. forwarding agency Lvov, Rzeznicka street 13
ADLER J. lawyer Lvov, 3rd May street 17
ADLER M. Lvov, Ziemialkowskiego street 14
ADLERSBERG Feiwel Lvov, Kraszewskiego street 5
ADLERSBERG L. Lvov, Kalecza street 6
ADLERSBERG L. Lvov, Klonowicza street 8
ADLERSBERG L. Lvov, Kochanowskiego street 35
ADLERSBERG S. Lvov, Sykstuska street 59
ADLERSTEIN J. Lvov, Krasickich street 20 (home)
ADLERSTEIN K. dentist Lvov, Romanowicza street 12 (home)
ADOLF L. physician Lvov, Bernsteina street 4
AGATSTEIN A. Lvov, Sykstuska street 9
AGID A. Lvov, Sapiehy street 6
AGID I. Lvov, Gosiewskiego street 8
AGID L. Lvov, Rynek square 21
AISENBERG W. Lvov, 3rd May street 7
AISENBERG W. Lvov, Kraszewskiego street 15
AKNER J. Lvov, Sniezna street 7
AKSELBRAD S. Lvov, Furmanska street 14
AKSELRAD Samuel physician Lvov, Kopernika street 1
ALBIN St. physician gynecologist Lvov, Zielona street 6
ALERBACH J. Lvov, Krasickich street 14
ALLERHAND M. doctor of medicine Lvov, Grodecka street 126
ALLERHAND S. (female) Lvov, Jagiellonska street 20 (home)
ALLERHAND E. Lvov, Kopernika street 11
ALLERHAND G. Lvov, Kaz. Wielkiego street 4
ALLERHAND H. dentist Lvov, Kopernika street 11
ALLES E. engineer Lvov, Zielona street 17
ALLES W. lawyer Lvov, Rutowskiego street 12
ALLES Z. physician Lvov, Grodecka street 11
ALLWEIL J. Lvov, Konopnickiej street 14
ALLWEIL D. lawyer Lvov, Pilsudskiego street 9
ALTBACH F. Lvov, Szpitalna street 10
ALTENBERG J. Lvov, Michalskiego street 12
ALTENBERG M. engineer Lvov, Nabielaka street 37 “a”
ALTENDORF A. Lvov, Szpitalna street 50
ALTER A. lawyer Lvov, Kochanowskiego street 26 (office)
ALTER A. Lvov, Sobieskiego street 25
ALTER A. lawyer Lvov, Batory street 6
ALTER I. merchant Lvov, Tomickiego street 9
ALTER M. Lvov, Ogrodnicka street 19
ALTKORN W. Lvov, Gabrielowska street 3
ALTMAN J. Lvov, Piekarska street 36
ALTMAN L. Lvov, Domagliczow street 12
ALTMAN Zygmunt bank director Drohobycz, Mickiewicza street 2
ALTSCHÜLER S. pharmacy owner Lvov, Kochanowskiego street 37 (home)
AMALOWICZ K. Lvov, Kleparowska street 17 “a”
AMARANT M. shop metal wares Lvov, Grodecka street 37
AMARANT M. and Sons company Lvov, Byka street
AMBOS H. Lvov, Szaszkiewicza street 3
AMKRAUT S. employee Lvov, Mickiewicza street 26
AMSTER and SCHWARZ shoe shop Lvov, Kopernika street 28
ANDERMAN B. Lvov, Grodecka street 35
ANDERMAN F. Lvov, Bonifratrow street 2
ANDERMANN Kl. Lvov, Zyblikiewicza street 35
ANGSTEICH M. Lvov, Potockiego street 31
ANGSTREICH A. lawyer Lvov, Podleskiego street 6
ANKLEWICZ Wl. tailor Lvov, Lyczakowska street 93
ANLICH A. Lvov, Zadworzanska street 120
ANLICH W. Lvov, Borkowskich street 2
ANSTER A. Lvov, Sloneczna street 12
ANTMAN M. shop owner Lvov, Kaz. Wielkiego street 47
APELBAUM I. Lvov, Rzeznicka street 12