Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Krystynopol, administrative district Sokal, Lvov province

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Krystynopol

Type of document: family document, Marriage Authorization Certificate, extract from the civil registry book of 1933, page 18, entry 71, handwritten on a standard printed form

Name, place of birth, age, legal status, occupation and residence of Groom and of his parents: David HAUPTMAN - BELF, born in Stryj, single, season worker, resident of Stryj (presently Krystynopol), son of Elias HAUPTMAN - BELF and Beile Gittel FRAENKEL, residents of Stryj

Name, place of birth, age, legal status and residence of Bride and her parents: Frymet KRYNITZ - EIFERMAN, born in Kolomyja, single, resident of Kolomyja (presently Krystynopol), daughter of Aaron KRYNITZ - EIFERMAN and Malka SCHIKLER, residents of Kolomyja

Dates of marriage authorizations: November 18, November 25 and December 2, 1933, synagogue in Krystynopol

Signed and sealed by: Abraham THUMIN, Rabbi in Krystynopol

Date and place of issuance: 03.12.1933, Krystynopol