Country: Austria

Language: German

Locality: Vienna

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Vienna

Type of document: family document, Certificate of Marriage, extract from the civil registry book of marriages of 1916, entry 289, handwritten on a standard printed form

Name, place of birth, age, legal status, and residence of Groom and of his parents: Dr. Jacob GROB, born 25.02.1890 in Wygoda, administrative district Kalusz, Stanislawow province, single, resident of Vienna, son of Herman GROB and Cecilia BUCHSTAB

Name, place of birth, age, legal status and residence of Bride and her parents: Julia KREBS - BERLSTEIN, born 03.08.1899 in Lemberg, resident of Vienna, daughter of Adolf Anschel KREBS - BERLSTEIN and Frederica SPRECHER

Date and place of marriage ceremony: 26.12.1916, Vienna

Name of Rabbi: Dr. Israel TAGLICHT, Rabbi in Vienna

Names of Witnesses: Herman GROB and Adolf KREBS

Date and place of issuance: 26.12.1916, Vienna

Registrar: signature illegible