Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Rzeszow, administrative district Rzeszow, Lvov province

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Rzeszow

Type of document: family document, Certificate of Marriage, extract from the civil registry book of marriages of 1919, page 162, entry 44, handwritten on a large-size printed form

Name, place of birth, age, legal status, occupation and residence of Groom and of his parents: Ksiel KAMELHAR, born in Kotaczyce administrative district Tarnow, Krakow province, 54 years of age, single, resident of Rzeszow, merchant, son of Gerschon and Sara Lieba KAMELHAR, residents of Kotaczyce

Name, place of birth, age, legal status and residence of Bride and her parents: Chana KATZ, born in Korczyn, 53 years of age, single, resident of Rzeszow, daughter of Isaac and Blima KATZ, residents of Korczyn

Date and place of marriage ceremony: 24.06.1919 in Rzeszow

Name of Rabbi: Nathan LEWIN, Rabbi in Rzeszow

Names of Witnesses: Chaskiel KRAUT and Herschel Leib SCHWARZBAND

Supplementary information: reference to the metrical records presented by both parties for the marriage ceremony

Date and place of issuance: 08.04.1935, Rzeszow

Registrar: Dr. F. KAMMERING