Country: Austria-Hungary

Language: German

Locality: Komarno, administrative district Rudki, Lvov province

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Komarno

Type of document: family document, Certificate of Marriage, extract from the civil registry book of marriages of 1862, volume 2, page 6, entry 105 handwritten on a large-size printed form

Name, place of birth, age, legal status, and residence of Groom and of his parents: Jankiel KESTLER, born in Komarno, 20 years of age, single, resident of Komarno

Name, place of birth, age, legal status and residence of Bride and her parents: Sima Dwojra PFEFFERKORN, born in Komarno, 21 years of age, single, resident of Komarno

Date and place of marriage ceremony: 01.01.1862, Komarno

Name of Rabbi: Markus GLANZ, Rabbi in Komarno

Names of Witnesses: Jacob SCHEER and Judah PFEFFERKORN

Supplementary information: reference to the metrical records presented by both parties for the marriage ceremony

Date and place of issuance: 05.05.1908, Komarno

Registrar: signature illegible