Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Lvov

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Lvov

Type of document: family document, Certificate of Marriage, extract from the civil registry book of marriages of 1898, page 108, entry 108, handwritten on a large-size printed form

Name, place of birth, age, legal status, occupation and residence of Groom and of his parents: Jacob Jankel BARDACH (also known as Jacob KESSLER), born in Lvov, 53 years of age, single, resident of Lvov, boiler-maker, son of Chaja Esther BARDACH and Abraham KESSLER, residents of Lvov

Name, place of birth, age, legal status and residence of Bride and her parents: Chaja FRAENKEL, born in Lvov, 37 years of age, single, resident of Lvov, daughter of Abraham and Hinda FRAENKEL residents of Lvov

Date and place of marriage ceremony: 23.05.1898, Lvov

Name of Rabbi: Dr. J. CARO, Rabbi in Lvov

Names of Witnesses: Henry FREILICH, Wolf REIN

Supplementary information: reference to the metrical records presented by both parties for the marriage ceremony

Date and place of issuance: 09.05.1918, Lvov

Registrar: Dr. DIAMAND