Country: Poland

Language: Polish

Locality: Belz, administrative district Sokal, Lvov province

Office: Civil Registry Office of the Jewish Israelite Congregation Community of Belz

Type of document: family document, Certificate of Birth, extract from the civil registry book of births of 1909, volume 19, page 52, entry 30, handwritten on a large-size printed form

Name, Sex and Legitimacy of Birth: Isaac Leib MAJER or DONNER, male, born in legitimate marriage

Date and place of birth: 08.03.1909, Belz

Date of Circumcision: 15.03.1909

Father: Jossel MAJER

Residence: Belz

Mother: Debora MAJER (born DONNER)

Residence: Belz

Family Origin: daughter of Aaron RUBIN and Cywja DONNER

Witnesses: Hersz DONNER

Circumcision Operator: (illegible) Beer ROKACH

Midwife: Jente STAHLHAMMER

Supplementary information: Jossel MAJER and Debora DONNER concluded marriage on 28.05.1901 (reference to the civil registry book of marriages of 1901, volume 1, page 133, entry 2)

Date and place of issuance: 19.03.1935, Belz

Registrar: signature illegible