Jewish Lawyers of Czernowitz

This site section contain English language translations of statements of legal claims dated 1930 – 1934 prepared by local Jewish lawyers and petitioned to the Provincial Court of Justice in Czernowitz. Plaintiffs are almost entirely local Jewish banks, enterprises or companies, respondents are also almost entirely Jewish individuals or legal subjects. Records are arranged primarely according to the names of Jewish respondents, they contain their domicile and occupation, and may assist in your ancestry research.

These statements of legal claims were prepared by the Jewish lawyers of Czernowitz referred to below: Hermann ABRAHAM, Alfred ALLERHAND, Lazar BERARIA, Jacob BERGER, Leonard BILLIG, Ludwig CHAIES, Carl DAVID, Oskar DEUTSCH, Max EINLAUF, Herbert (Zwi) ELLNER, Josef FISCHER, Bruno FISCHER, Wolfgang FOKSCHANER, Osias GROSS, Osias HASS, Norbert HENDEL, Oscar JANZ, Rudolf JANZ, Abraham KASWAN , Benedict KASWAN, Artur KATZ, Edward KINEL, Edgar KLAUS, Emanuel LAUER, Leo LOEWNER, Leo MADER, Siegfried MOLDAUER, Arthur OBERLAENDER, Maurice OBERLAENDER, August OTTENBERG, Julius PARISER, Gabriel ROSENHAUEN, Josef ROSENZWEIG, Heinrich RUBEL, Alexander SAGHIN, Marcus SCHAEFLER, Max SCHAPIRO, Frederic SCHAECHTER, Jacob SCHIFFER, Leon SCHMELZER, Ulrich SCHNAPP, Leon SEGAL, Carl STERNBERG, Benno STERNBERG, Leo TEITLER, Sigmund TUTTNAUER, Friedrich WAGNER, Maximilian WEINBERGER, Maximilian WEISER, Bruno WERBER, Herbert WITTNER and Karl ZELINKA. They bear their personal seals and stamps with legal addresses, and various written remarks.

This archival collection is practically all what was left of the entire archival fund of the former Provincial Court of Justice of Czernowitz. In early 80-th the archival fund was ordered to be destroyed under the pretext of its "insignificance". Records, displayed in this section of the database, were saved from destruction in the last moment by devoted local archivists.