Legacy of late Meir GOLDSTEIN

Country: Rumania

Locality: Czernowitz, province Bucovina

Language: Rumanian

Type of record: Statement of claim submitted to the Provincial Court of Justice of Czernowitz

Plaintiff: Company “WEINREB & Co”. (Lvov)

Represented by lawyer Dr. Jacob SCHIFFER (Czernowitz, strada Jancu Flondor 23)

Respondent: Cecilia GOLDSTEIN, Abraham GOLDSTEIN, Adolf GOLDSTEIN, David GOLDSTEIN, Emily FRISCHMANN - GOLDSTEIN ( residents of Czernowitz, strada Jancu Flondor 18) and Jacob WIZNITZER and Josef WIZNITZER (residents of Czernowitz, strada Mircea Voda 3) in their capacity as successors of late Meir GOLDSTEIN

Plaintiff lodged a claim against Respondent in value of 280,000, - Rumanian lei 

Date of issuance: 24.03.1934