RUDICH Isaac + RUDICH Jeanette

Country: Rumania

Locality: Czernowitz, province Bucovina

Language: Rumanian

Type of record: Statement of claim submitted to the Provincial Court of Justice of Czernowitz

Plaintiff: Mina RUBEL (Czernowitz, strada General Mircescu)

Represented by lawyer Dr. Heinrich RUBEL (Czernowitz, Piata Dacia 15)

Respondent: Jonas DRACH and Gisela DRACH  (Czernowitz, strada Janku Fondor 16), Isaac RUDICH and Jeanette RUDICH  (Czernowitz, strada Alexandru cel Bun 9)

Plaintiff lodged a claim against Respondent in value of 15, 000, - Rumanian lei 

Date of issuance: 02.10.1932